Largy Coastal Apartments Luxury Outdoor Hot Tub


Hot Tub at dusk

Hot Tub at dusk


If a Hot Tub is what you want then we have it. We are pleased to announce the installation of our Luxury Outdoor Hot Tub. It is situated next to our log cabin where you can relax and chill out after your spa.

The fully heated and feature lit Spa accommodates 6 people, 5 seated and 1 reclining.  The feature lights in the spa are programmable to provide a soothing atmosphere. The hot tub is ideal even on chilly nights to relax after a day touring/sightseeing. We provide towelling bathrobes and towels to add to the luxury.  Bring your own beach wear and footwear/flipflops. Whilst luxuriating in the Spa you will be able to take in the breathtaking sea view of Carnlough Bay.  

The raised decking around the hot tub makes for easy entry and exit. The decking is also lit with LED coloured spot lights which are be programmed, hence can be changed to fit ones mood. Furthermore, coloured party light festooned on the log cabin adds to the carnival atmosphere.  No fake tan can be worn whilst in the tub as it chokes up the filter. No glass can be used around the hot tub.  Thus, we have provided quality coloured plastic wine goblets/tumblers, hence you can enjoy a drink whilst relaxing in the spa.

The log cabin is furnished with easy chairs to enable you to cool off and relax after a stimulating plunge in the Hot Tubs.  Binoculars are also provided in the cabin to view the passing sea traffic, dolphins, herons and wild bird life.  In addition, there are steamer chairs with cushions on the decking area for those who prefer the outdoors.

Finally, if it is something unique you are looking for then this is it therefore don’t delay, book now!